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Lala Land Video Blog Day 52

In spite of an annoying day at work today was still pretty cool


“Dirty Hippie” pictured above!! Now on the website – www.lalalandsoap.com

As always, share some awesome with me!!

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 51






Just a super awesome reminder – in addition to our super cool 10% off coupon for our shiny new website (code: OOHSHINY), anyone who actually reads/listens to this blog gets an ADDITIONAL 10% off! code: BLOGSTALKER

As always, share some awesome with me folks!!

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Happy Fathers Day!


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Lala Land Video Blog Day 50

Yeah! 50 days! I’m quite proud. They may not be every day in a row but I did it! Here’s to 50 more!

Yesterday was pretty great.


As always – share something awesome with me!!

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 49

Yesterday was pretty awesome – got a new toy for Grape, finished season 3 of GoT and the last episode didn’t depress me, and I finally saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.



As always, if you’ve got something awesome to share please do!! I would love to chat with you about it :)

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 48

Today was off the chain awesome!! I am so happy that my life will be back to my normal crazy rather than my ridiculous crazy that I’ve been doing. My soap conference is done, biggest festival of the year is done, my audit at my day job is done, and I’m going to relax and hang out with friends!! So awesome!!!

As always, if you’ve got something awesome to share please do!! I wanna hear it!!

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 47

HUGE, colossal, stupendous, amazing news!!! (With a little catching up first…)

So in case you missed it, you can see the super amazing brand new website at lalalandgiftshop.com or lalalandsoap.com or our original link, myadventuresinlalaland.com will also get you there!

For being so awesome and getting to the end of this post you also get a super awesome extra coupon code just for my amazing friends – just enter BLOGSTALKER at checkout and get an additional 10% off!!!

As always, if you’ve got something awesome to share, please do! I really do want to hear it and I’m sure others do too!

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 46

Today I helped create and was a part of a fashion show for a very special niece of mine – it was epic and quite embarrassing and made her VERY happy (which made it all worth it!) We went to Courtney’s Closet first and found her some jewelry, a purse and a scarf.  Then off to Goodwill for the entire wardrobe! Muffin (we’re an odd nickname kind of family) picked out 3 outfits for herself, daytime, springtime and evening wear, and then an outfit for my husband, for me and for Grape.  We shot by our house to make a fashion show playlist of amazing songs including Parry Gripp’s “Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute”, ABBAs “Dancing Queen”, Buddy Holly’s “Its So Easy”, The Polyphonic Spree’s “Reach for the Sun”, Petula Clark’s “Downtown”, and the epic instrumental finale, “Flight of the Valkyries” by Robert Wagner,  and then headed out to the in-law’s to have dinner and set up the show, complete with a Pink carpet (she didn’t want a red one).  Each outfit was expertly chosen by Muffin and I helped a bit with accessories like sunglasses and which bag/necklace to put with which outfit.  Muffin put them all on backwards and it was probably the best fashion show I’ve ever seen.  I was in the show so I unfortunately (or fortunately for me) don’t have pictures but they will of course end up in Muffin’s Vacation book Grandma makes for the kids when they come to stay with them for a week (oh joy).





As always, if you’ve got something awesome to share please do!! I truly would love to hear it! :)

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 45

Today was my mother’s birthday! She drove in from Massachusetts (Mom was with me at the Soap Conference but left early to first go home and switch bags then drove all the way to Massachusetts to go hang out with Arlo Guthrie – For those that don’t know who he is, he’s the son of Woody Guthrie who wrote “This Land is Your Land”, and is famous for Alice’s Restaurant, a song popular during Thanksgiving. A little back story: I’ve seen Arlo more times than I’ve seen my real Uncle’s…basically my Mom is a groupie – they call them Blunderites. So I’ve known him my whole life – helped my Mom volunteer for his organization a bunch and even babysat his niece during his daughter, Sara Lee’s, concerts. Mom is known for the amazing flower arrangements she sets up for Arlo’s concerts…but I digress…) We met at her favorite lunch location, VA Kitchen (a cute mom & pop version of ihop but with better food and better ambiance). It was Grape’s treat (aka mine). Grape was quite happy to see his Grandma again, having spent a whole week with her in Tucson. I’m pretty sure he made her bday lunch more special than I ever could!

As always if you’ve got something awesome to share, please do!! Especially if its actually awesome – unlike whatever it is that I keep sharing ;)~

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Lala Land Video Blog Day 44

My illness came back in full force today so this is a nice quick one – in spite of feeling icky all day I still have lots to be happy about!

As always, if you’ve got something awesome to share – do! Happiness is best when shared :)

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